7 Gateways to Inner Wisdom

Create the space in your life for a new way of being


Do you want to trust your heart? To know with absolute certainty that you are on the right path? Are you looking for direction, greater freedom, or courage to take your next step? You can connect with your inner wisdom and creative power to make the changes you need in your life.

Do you know you need to change direction, but don’t know how? Do you want to make more time and space for you, but don’t know where to begin? To listen to what your body, heart and soul are trying to say, but feel overwhelmed by responsibilities? Persistent body symptoms, worries, troubling feelings, or relationship problems–any of these can be a sign that something new is waiting to emerge. You can create the space in your life for a new way of being.

I am Michele McCrea, psychotherapist and mentor, empowering women to create new ways that work for them. I can support you to build new awareness and take action to ground it firmly in your life. Curious? Click below to book a free call to have your questions answered and tell me what you want from our time together.

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I am Michele McCrea PhD, psychotherapist and educator, writer, researcher and artist. I love supporting women to open up to their natural intuitive and creative power, to discover the clarity and strength within to follow their path of heart. I offer one to one consultations, workshops, courses and ongoing creative support groups locally in the Fleurieu region. To receive news and event updates, subscribe to my newsletter below.

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See my research on creating art in a transpersonal context.

Process Work is an awareness practice and depth psychotherapy that follows our natural process of growth. When we find the meaning at the heart of what troubles us, we gain new energy and empower our whole self. Find out more about Process Work.