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Message from the World Channel

Process Work practitioners pay attention to synchronicities, looking for personal meaning in apparent coincidences…

Back when I was working on the original business plan for 7 Gateways to Inner Wisdom, trying to find the the right people and the right words, crunch the right numbers, and mould the vision of my heart into a shape that might convince the world and myself that yes, this could work, I would sometimes feel doubtful and disheartened.

On one of these occasions, I awarded myself a break, deciding to bake some ginger cookies. I love ginger, its paradoxical combination of zingy heat and reassuring sweetness. But I fussed and fiddled with dough and heart-shaped cookie cutters, getting flustered, sticky and exasperated. On this day, even the simple task of baking cookies seemed to overwhelm me. I stared at the misshapen lumps on the cookie tray, and felt like crying. Why was nothing going right? I sighed, and slid the tray into the oven. I decided not to bother trying to shape the second batch of cookies; I just rolled the dough into a sausage and sliced it into rounds like my Nanna used to do. At least they would taste good.

As I manoeuvred the disks of cookie dough from the board onto an oven tray, an interesting thing happened. The dough rounds lost their roundness, falling into odd shapes. I sighed … but then I noticed something. They had formed into hearts. Almost perfect hearts. I smiled. Okay, universe. I got the message. You’ve been trying too hard.

Heart-shaped cookies and a cup of tea

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