Process Oriented Therapy in Practice

Process Oriented Therapy (Process Work) is a gentle method to unfold our natural tendencies for growth and expanded awareness. By paying attention to what is at the edge of our consciousness (such as a dream, a body symptom, or anything that disturbs us) we can explore, unfold, and integrate new aspects of ourselves and be more present and fully alive.

Click below to hear a 6 minute interview about Process Work that I recorded with Nikki O’Brien on the ‘Mind Chatters’ program on Radio Adelaide in March 2019.

Process work: unfolding a body symptom.
Unfolding a body symptom.

A Process work session begins with what you choose. There may be a pressing issue that you want to focus on, or we may spend some time together, sorting through what is important to you.

We may begin with a dream. There are many ways to work with dreams, but the key to unlocking their meaning lies with the dreamer. That is why, when you tell me a dream, I will look for cues (language, tone of voice, gestures) that signal how the dream is wanting to express itself in the here and now. Together we can creatively unfold these signals to discover the nature of the dream and its message for you. This is done by paying attention to and exploring signals in the different sensory channels. Learn more about Process Oriented Theory.

Perhaps you do not dream, but have a nagging body symptom or persistent pain? This can be tracked and unfolded in a similar way to find out its meaning. Both dreams and body symptoms come from lesser-known parts of yourself that are wanting to come into awareness.

Relationship problems, decisions to be made, and longterm personal issues can all be explored and brought more fully into awareness using Process Work methods.