What are the 7 Gateways to Inner Wisdom?

A few years back, in 2017, I dreamed up a new business. I mean, I literally dreamed it! I woke up one morning with the name Gateways to Inner Wisdom ringing in my head. ‘How many gateways?’ I sleepily asked my Dreaming Spirit and she instantly replied ‘Seven’. Since then, my journey has been to figure out what those seven gateways are, and to explore them in my work. Each gateway provides a different focus, and each on its own can lead you to your path of heart. Together, they function as a framework for personal growth and therapeutic process. The 7 gateways align with the 7 energy centres of the body (chakras) and also with the seven pathways referred to in many mystical traditions. Each gateway embraces a set of practices that gently, over time, connect us with the powerful creative source energy that has many names – Higher Self, God, or Great Spirit, to name but a few. However, it is less important what you believe than what you do. Practice is the key. And practice can be playful, fun, and enlivening. I am now writing a book about the 7 Gateways to Inner Wisdom. Stay tuned (or follow my blog) for updates.

I work with my clients to connect with their inner wisdom and creative power through personal therapy, creative mentoring, groupwork and education. A lot of this work involves finding and removing blocks to the natural wisdom and healing power that is already present within our bodies, hearts and spirits; reconnecting with our natural knowing and learning to trust that, day by day.

I’ve always loved to create: inventing games and stories for my sister and friends, painting and making mosaics, writing a novel. Now I create space for people to tune into what they truly love, to discover new dimensions of their experience, and to unfold their creative dreaming into reality. I provide learning experiences to awaken awareness and creative power, and personal therapy and mentoring to follow your own path of heart. Contact me (Michele) at 7 Gateways to Inner Wisdom to book a free 15 minute call to learn more.

7 Gateways to Inner Wisdom is a set of practices, a framework for change, and a magical space to bring hidden parts of the Self into daily life.