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Professional Services

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Process Oriented Psychotherapy
Do you long to express more of yourself, live more fully the life you have dreamed of? Are you facing a challenge in your life, finding your way through grief or loss, or wanting to make a change? I can guide you to your natural knowing of what is right for you and support this new energy into your life. The foundation of my work is developing awareness: not just understanding but a knowing by body, heart and soul that embraces your whole self. We can find meaning at the heart of what disturbs us and live more fully. Sessions are for women in Australia and can be in person or online. Please message me with any questions and your contact information, or book a free introductory call.

Creative Mentoring (Personal Sessions)
Is creativity calling you? Find your unique creative gifts, overcome blocks, or find new direction for your creativity with guidance and tools to ignite and expand your creative process. Learn how to deal with inner critics, free your energy, summon inspiration and empower your creativity, wherever it wants to go. Sessions are flexible and customised to your individual needs.

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Groups and Workshops

I lead a range of workshops, groups and classes and offer education, training and consulting services for organisations. Find out more here, join my mailing list for upcoming events, or email me.

Academic Services

I hold a PhD in Creative Writing from Flinders University and provide specialist academic editing and tutoring services for academics and students. Get details here.