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Professional Services

To sign up for my occasional mailing list or ask a question about my services, email michele@7gatewaystoinnerwisdom.com


I offer one-hour counselling sessions (in person or online) on Monday afternoons and evenings at Here’s To Strength Community Wellness Hub at Aldinga, South Australia.

You can email me at michele@7gatewaystoinnerwisdom.com to have your questions answered and find out if you’d like to work with me.

My therapeutic practice is client-focussed, strength-based, and trauma-informed, supporting my clients to identify their values, develop their strengths, and live life fully on their own terms. I collaborate with you to develop your skills in self-awareness, self-regulation, self-trust, communication and relationships. 

Client-Focussed, Strength-Based counselling: I work with you to identify your concerns and what you want from our sessions, and to nurture your skills and strengths. Together we create strategies and practices that support you in ways that work for you.

Trauma-Informed Therapy: I have undertaken professional development training in Trauma, and work with all clients with an awareness of and sensitivity to the influences of possible underlying trauma, and continually update my knowledge of best practice. Whether you work directly with a past trauma in our sessions, or not, is your choice. Either way, you will be supported.

Principles of Trauma-Informed Care

  • Safety – providing physical and emotional safety for clients
  • Trust – building a therapeutic relationship of mutual trust by maintaining appropriate boundaries, communicating clearly, and being honest, genuine and consistent
  • Choice – prioritising clients’ choice and control throughout the therapeutic process
  • Collaboration – working together with clients to develop support strategies that work for them
  • Empowerment – prioritising clients’ empowerment, self determination and skills development in their lives

Email Michele at this web address to ask questions or arrange a phone chat with me to find out whether we can work together.

You can’t see the mountain when you’re on it … Mount Taranaki, New Zealand (where my maternal grandmother was born).