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The Writers’ Cauldron

How do you find your writing voice? What is an authentic voice? As a writer, how do you communicate content in a heartfelt, convincing way? Who is listening? Who will read your work? Women’s voices have been silenced and ignored for centuries, and many of us still suffer from this oppression.

If you feel drawn to write, but feel hesitant about putting your work into the world, the Writers’ Cauldron provides a safe space to explore your ideas and test your voice, with expert guidance and support from likeminded women. You are invited you to join us.

There are spaces available in this group! Join us for supportive and inspiring inner work, meditation, creative writing exercises and discussion that gets to the heart of how writing works for each one of us – body, mind and spirit. There is opportunity to work on personal projects, either private or for publication in any format. Contact me, or book here.

DATES: 15 August, 26 September, 24 October, 28 November 2019.