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Narrative Community Building in CALD Groupwork

Michele McCrea PhD I am a counsellor, psychotherapist and group facilitator from Adelaide, South Australia, on Kaurna country.  One of three key principles of Narrative Practice that I have chosen to focus on in my group work with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities is positioning the facilitator role as ‘decentred yet influential’ (Walker, n.d.). This fits with my sense of equity and my understanding of how unconscious power imbalances […]

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Catching the Lizard

Last April, when I was in Sydney for a four-day study block, I dreamed of a lizard. I am in the doorway of my room, just on the threshold. I see a lizard running across the floor. I reach down trying to catch it before it disappears under the bed. Then I woke up. In class, we do an exercise to unfold part of a dream. We are asked to […]

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Writing for myself

How do you find your writing voice? What is an authentic voice? How can you communicate your content in a heartfelt, convincing way? Who is listening? Who will read your work? I have kept a journal since I was eighteen years old and just starting university. Everything goes into my journal: emotions, relationship dramas, small joys, big challenges, dreams, poems, story fragments, sketches, doodles, lists, plans and designs. The focus […]

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