Workshops and Groups

Creative Wisdom workshops are customised for your group or organisation to meet personal and professional goals in communication and creativity.

The Writers’ Cauldron
A group for women to deeply explore authentic writing. Whether you write a journal or a blog, write creatively or persuasively, or just love language, this is a space to align more closely with your personal writing journey, and tune into your body rhythms, memories, and dreams to create original texts that express your unique vision and gifts. You are welcome to bring your journal or current project. We dive deep into our experience with guided meditation and Process methods, use inspiring prompts to write on the spot, and have opportunities to share our work and ideas. This group ran successfully throughout 2019, and can be offered for groups of 6-8. Email me michele(at) if you are interested in participating in a group.

Creative Wisdom Workshops
Learn practical, experiential methods to access your natural knowing, expand your awareness, and align with your personal power. Workshop activities may include creative arts, writing, guided meditation, movement, energy reading, paired exercises, and earth-based pathworking. To be informed of upcoming events, email Michele at this web address.

Creative Wellbeing Workshops for Business
Self care and mindful awareness are essential skills in work and in life. Creative skills lead to greater resourcefulness, adaptability and fulfilment. People who know and actively build on their strengths are more productive and lead happier, healthier lives. My Wellbeing training is custom designed for your business, retreat or conference, providing your clients, guests or employees with a unique experience of their creative power. Book a Discovery Call to talk about how this might work for your business.